April 23, 2013

Date Night & Weekend Recap!

Hello, hello!

As I type this right now, loads of laundry are tumbling away in both machines, and I'm multi-tasking, of course, by watching the OC Housewives. It's almost midnight already and I have no clue why I am still up.  The hubby and I had an awesome date night on Saturday night, yet it was very exhausting.  We went to Philly and are so lucky to live five minutes from the local train that takes you so easily into the city.  It's about a 30 minute ride and SO much easier than driving in the city and paying for the ridiculous parking prices.

I don't think driving in any city should be defined as fun or cool. If you think so, you're a crazy lunatic silly person. We started off with wine and a divine appetizer at a cute wine bar that we love called Vintage.  And then we had a wonderful dinner at The Capital Grill, [the filet , I swear, was a slab of butter. Knife not required}.  We then went to a comedy club afterward, and then to a jazz club which we love, yet have not been to in at least 6 years. We had our first offical date/hang out at that place.  It was so nice.

We had so much fun, that we stayed out until 4am!  { you know it's late when you pull up in the driveway and you hear birds chirping}! Okay, we're not that bad-ass anymore. I mean, we'll both be 31 later this year.  Let's be real here.  We're not 21 anymore. We get tired much more easily lately. We of course didn't plan to stay out that late.  We left the jazz club around 3am. The trains get mean after 10pm on the weekends; as they begin running every hour and a half as the night goes on.  Luckily, we have the train schedule app on our iPhone and only had to wait five minutes for the train.  When it's that late and you're tipsy and exhausted, you are all over that train schedule. 

What would we do without apps?  Crazy, but true; right?

We were SO tired on Sunday. When we 'go out' anymore, and it's 'late', that usually means we had dinner with friends and hung out being Chatty Cathy's for another five hours, drove home, maybe had another glass of wine, and passed out by 1am at the latest.  I loved our date night, though, and I feel every once in awhile, everyone deserves a true, fun, and very late night out.  Totally getting out of your routine here and there is so necessary. :)

So, as I am really thinking I should hit the sack right now, I will now stop with the words and share captured moments with you of our awesome evening!  Enjoy!

 Baked Brie in Puff Pastry with caramelized brandy and pears. UH-MAZE-ING.

Clearly, we didn't like it.

Stoli Dolis. Dangerous.

Front row at the comedy club!  aka easy targets.

My cutie. :)


Late night snacks.

Is it bad I don't remember the hubby taking this picture?  oops.

My cutie had to get shaved. :(  But look at that face!!

Saturday morning Bikram.

Hits the spot after a bad hangover.

Have a great Tuesday!

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