February 15, 2013

Things That Tickle My Fancy

Well hello again!  Do you know what's on the horizon?  I sure do.  I'll give you a hint. These upcoming two days start with the letter 'S'. They are both lovely in their own way and are two days that seem to go by way too quickly. Yes...that's  right! It's the weekend!

Go ahead.  You know you want to do a little happy dance. It's Friday!  Let your hair down! I did earlier. Well, kind of, sort of.  I finished work around 12:30pm, and the first fun thing about my Friday happened. 

This little beauty...

(that's a hot pink bench outside of the place...how pretty is that?!)

I treated myself to some frozen yogurt!  Or is it 'Fro-yo?'  That may be what the kids are calling it these days.  Either way, it was so good and hit the spot!  Today's weather was absolutely beautiful!  It's mid-February already and it felt like a perfect April day.  I think it hit 55 degrees at some point.  So, I carried my winter coat between my arms and bought myself a little treat.

I went to a great little place about 5 blocks from my office in Philly called Sweet Ending .  It's by far the best frozen yogurt I've had yet.  They have a great variety of flavors and tons of different toppings.  It seems they are only in the Philadelphia area.  Look into it though. There may be locations near you. It's worth a visit!

I went with some strawberry yogurt, vanilla, and chocolate; topped with fresh sliced strawberries and mini chocolate chips. Can you see the different flavors??  That baby didn't stand a chance. I finished it all within ten minutes.  That was also my lunch.

Look ! Yes. That. That photo below. 

And the other amazing photos, too. 

This was our awesome Valentine's Day Dinner at P.F. Changs.  It really was just so delicious!  We really missed it there. We figured out that it has been five years since we were last there. That's insane to me!  And you want to know the real kicker??  Five years ago we ate there. In Atlantic City. A few hours later, we both ended up with mild food poisoning.  'Mild' still doesn't mean it was a pleasant time, though.  As you can see, that experience didn't have enough impact on us to not want to go there again. It didn't phase us whatsoever.  We are weird.

And the reason for the five year break from that place...well...you got me!

We ordered what we had always normally ordered. For an appetizer, their chicken lettuce wraps, which , in my opinion, are better than a good night's sleep.  And for dinner, Honey Crispy Shrimp, Sweet and Sour Chicken, and Mongolian Beef.  Add the brown rice. It.Was.Such.A.Good.Dinner.

Oh. And I had the best margarita.  This stunning ice cold beverage kissed with salt was called the Organic Agave Margarita. I was pretty much speechless.  It was not your ordinary margarita with the sour mix and possible dash of orange juice.  It had a really great taste to it!  The waitress said that most people do order it and like it, and then some are surprised by the 'taste'.  I'd say it has a unique taste to it and it's unlike any margarita out there so far.  It was so refreshing!

It was up there in my top 5 BEST margaritas!  I can never pass up a good quality margarita. I could make this at home...and so can you! The ingredients were simple:  Drink This.  If you go to P.F. Changs soon, order this drink. Just trust me.  And let me know what you thought!!

We 86'd dessert. Thank god. We were so full.  Gary got me a cute little box of Godiva Chocolates. So I ate them all. Well, he tasted a few. But they really disappeared because of me.  I couldn't help it.  Don't put chocolate in front of me and think it will last longer than a day. Or in this case, a few hours.

This one chocolate imparticular was superb if I must say so. I am not even a huge white chocolate fan; but this had raspberry filling inside of it. And it was oh so good.


This was certainly a yummy Valentine's Day! :-)

Here are just a few more treats I have been into/came across this past week:

The Blueberry Cake Donut from Dunkin Donuts.  Eat at your own risk. That is all.

I have been on a big greek yogurt kick more recently. I adore Chobani brands, but I bought a few of these , too.  The peach is so good!

 Yes, that's a fork. I'm resourceful enough.

Also, this is sort of unrelated, but I am a pretty anal person with certain things in my life. And I think we all have that 'thing.' we do that other people in our lives will just never understand. Right?   Well, here is one of mine I thought I'd share with you:


This is at work. Yeah. I don't know what it is but each day has to be crossed off once it's over. It's like brushing teeth to me. It's a routine I have. I have to do it. Okay, now that you think I am officially crazy...

I know there is no importance of doing this. I just like it better when the day has been crossed out.  Crazy lady over here!!

What are your odd habits?   What's your "thing".?
Have there been  any new food finds that you came across recently that you became giddy about?

Please feel free to leave comments!!  I get excited when my mailbox is full, so why wouldn't I get happy about comments?!  Ready, set, go!


  1. Loving your new photos with the typing effects on them! - bff

  2. Thanks Love! Ditto!! I'm already obsessed!

  3. Love the new look Dana!!! Really nice. OMG the food looks amazing!!!! You crack me up. I also have to cross the day off when it's done!! Maybe you get that from me I didn't know that you did that too!! LOL Well, keep the great and interesting food coming, I love to get ideas. Love ya Mom

  4. Dana

    I love the comedy in your blogs Love---Nana