February 13, 2013

Meals Fit For a King...and me.

I had a thing for Elvis tonight. 

Well, his favorite sandwich that is.  I do like certain songs by Elvis, though.

Remember "Can't Help Falling In Love"?  Love that song.  But I also couldn't help falling in love with this sandwich.  Ever since I can remember, I loved the the idea of peanut butter and banana together. I also recall about five years ago when a banana and some peanut butter would be my breakfast. Thank god I finally realized that eating that 6 days in a row wasn't too healthy and that there were other breakfast items in the world.

Then over the years, I was always reminded of Elvis' favorite sandwich.  My Grand mom would mention it, some friends parents', and eventually, I think The Kings' biggest fan yet, my husbands' father always reminded me about this yummy treat and the correct way to make one. Apparently, his sandwich had peanut butter,  banana, two slices of white bread, three pieces of bacon and then it was fried to perfection in some good ol' fashioned butter.

I love the way melted butter looks in a frying pan.

The bacon sounds , um, well, amazing with this sandwich.  But my version was pretty darn good if I say so myself.... and it goes a little something like this:

I went with a cinnamon swirl bread.

A) This bread smells incredible by itself. So, you can imagine how it smells once in melted butter and all sizzly. Yes...sizzly. I just made up a fun word.

B) I think this is a PERFECT bread choice to go along with this peanut butter and the next delectable ingredient...

If you guessed marsh mellow fluff, you just won a new car!  Just kidding....please don't hold me accountable to that.

Marsh mellow Fluff is pure genius. That is all. Next...

Yup..a big ol' dollop of PB. No measuring here.  If you know me well....you know I used JIF brand.  The only PB I will ever eat.  And it's the best.

I hope you aren't watching your waistline this week.  Or at least not tonight.

I think this particular photo deserves to be professionally framed.


Read. To. Eat.

I actually ate an entire half of this.

It was meant to be a tiny snack before our dinner....which was this monster....

Pepperoni and Mozzarella Stromboli.  There's this great little pizza joint literally walking distance from our house and they make the BEST Stromboli. It can be dangerous how close they are sometimes.


Oh yeah...please make an Elvis sandwich for yourself.  You'll make him proud!

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