January 1, 2013

It's January?!

 2013 has arrived!  I hope you had a blast last night, whatever you did.  Dinner was of course delicious. We were all actually very good with food choices. We skipped the apps (I don't like the idea of just an appetizer as my main course).  If I'm going out to dinner, I'm going to eat dinner.  Know what I mean?  A main course is always better than a tiny appetizer.  Who needs 'em? Well, scratch that.  There are definitely some amazing appetizers out there that are tasty and huge and that can certainly resemble an entree.  Okay. Moving on. I am glad that we skipped apps though. We didn't go crazy on drinks since there were a lot of libations back at home. And we also skipped dessert. (I know...call us nuts). All in all, that was certainly a good amount of calories that we just 'skipped'. Love it! And we left feeling good and comfortable and not feeling like we just gave birth to an alien. Or two.

All of us at dinner.

If you remember, I had a lot of cookies and chocolate back at the house.  We ate some of it.  The wine and champagne took more of the spotlight. I actually had two yummy margarita's at dinner and enjoyed some of my girl Bethenny Frankel's SkinnyGirl Margarita at home.  By 11pm, I think I had a wee bit too much tequila.  Then we counted down with a very refreshing , bubbly raspberry champagne that my parents got us for Christmas.  It was gooood!  I love having any kind of get together at our house.  If there's alcohol involved, I'd much rather prefer everyone stay safe and sound inside then out on the roads thinking about the cops.  No bueno.

The hubby and I got up around 11am (love sleeping in) and went to a diner near our house.  I had perfectly cooked over-medium eggs, hash browns, and wheat toast with some tasty strawberry jam spread.  You can't go wrong with some good diner food!  Gary had chocolate chip pancakes. No surprise there. :)  This kind of food always hits the spot after a night of crazy festivities.  Today we are lounging around again.  The hubby is fast asleep as we speak. I'm jealous. I'm going to miss this "lounging around"/ holiday time.  I'm also not looking forward to taking down our Christmas decorations. :-(  

 I decided to make myself a little treat while I was watching Die Hard earlier. (classic movie...you can't deny). The snack was actually something I whipped up before dinner last night thinking some people would want it.  It was just fat and sugar free chocolate pudding topped with mini marsh mellows.  What was I thinking?  No , seriously. Who would want chocolate pudding while drinking any kind of alcohol? Nasty.  More for us though!  This yummy treat hit the spot.  Sadly though, It's now 6pm and I'm hungry again.  Hungry for a meal. Sometimes you just gotta eat whatever you feel like eating. Just go with it.  Never deprive yourself. Just don't go nuts and then get yourself sick.

This is my yummy concoction from earlier:

Chocolate pudding
Mini marsh mellows
Lite cool whip
Chocolate syrup


If you made a resolution, great!  Just try your best to stick with it!  If not, don't fret.  I didn't make one. I'm just sticking with what I've been doing the past year.  Try to keep exercise at the forefront of things as much as possible, eat healthy and yet still in moderation, and be happy. :-)   Here's to an amazing 2013!  Enjoy your night!  Back to work tomorrow! Grrr. 


  1. My grandfather, that's who. The man loved chocolate pudding with everything -- beer, wine, hard liquor, kool-aid, iced tea. You name it, didn't matter. (Which might be why I don't drink alcohol and why I don't really eat chocolate pudding. lol)

    It's been hard not doing the lounging thing but I actually felt better about life once the holiday decorations were down. :-)

  2. Haha! Thanks Denise. That's awesome!! To each their own, right?! I may have to re-think that line...I don't think it's actually nasty with alcohol...but I had ice cream once with wine...not a good mix. I know Ice Cream is a different ball game, but I guess it's the whole texture thing. Regular chocolates are good anytime!