December 29, 2012

Lazy Saturday. Or is it?

Happy Saturday!  This is the face I got to wake up to today. :-)  who woke you up this morning?

It's supposed to snow at some point today here in South Jersey. And MD, and I think a ton more in PA.It was supposed to start around 7am....I see no white yet.  And that's fine by me because I am debating on going to the gym soon or not. I do this thing sometimes where if I workout two days in a row, I tell myself that it's okay to skip this day and just relax.  Mix that with freezing cold weather and the fact that it's supposed to snow and my 1998 Chevy Cavalier that I still ride around in would screw me over if the weather decided to get nasty.  {side note:} Poor little Ruby, I purchased her with my own savings when I was 18 years old.  She's still holding up quite nicely, but mama's ready for a new ride. :-/ 

Okay. Sob story ended. But yes, if you mix all of those excuses I just mentioned, then yes, you have one lazy person on this very cold Saturday.  I might go and get a workout in before the snow comes; if it comes.  I think that sounds much more rational.  I also do this thing where once I start back at the gym, I want to keep going almost everyday. I know myself though, and that's not going to happen.  I like to stay consistent with it though because let's face it, exercise is good for you.  The hubby and I joined the gym in November of 2011.  We maintained our weight and remained eating healthy for over a good year now and it's been great!  We never felt this in shape. EVER! We still eat great things that are so bad for you, yet we do that in moderation, of course.  Weight is always going to fluctuate and we will forever have our slip-ups, but as long as you keep the balance of healthy eating and exercise in check, moderation will always be your best friend.

Speaking of best friend...
I just cannot get enough of this cutie pie this morning!

Enjoy your snowy or not, Saturday!

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  1. Hey Dana- Just wanted to let you know how proud we are of you and are ready to follow you on your new journey!! Very exciting. You prepared the most delicious Chicken Parm for Dad and I Friday night, I actually think yours was a little better than mine!!! LOL We will be glad to taste test any of you future meals, just give us the invite!! I will keep following you and learn something myself from you. Love you, Mom