July 14, 2021

Why I Don't Mess Around With Bedtime

I can be a judgy person initially. When I'm having a conversation with someone and they say something that I particularly don't do or don't like, my first instinct is to mention my thoughts and opinions. It can get annoying. I can hear myself and it sounds annoying but hey,  I'm human!  We all do that whether we want to admit that or not.  But I do think people do what feels best for them and do what simply feels the most comfortable.  For me, when it comes to my child's bedtime and routine, I don't fuck around with that. Not. At. All. But it fits my current stage in life the best!

Now,  there are some exceptions when it comes to staying up a little past the actual "bedtime",  like staying up until it's actually dark outside to watch 4th of July fireworks or if you have a family outing all day and you don't get home until 10pm. It also depends on the age of the kid and what stage they're in.  Mine is 7 and I know her best.  She usually needs her 10 hours of sleep to be a normal, healthy functioning kid. So that means if we are doing a bath, we start that around 7pm and do anything she wants until around 8pm.  Once the brushing of the teeth are done and we've read two books, maybe three if she's lucky some nights, it's suddenly 830pm!  I'm tired, I can see she's clearly tired after the seven yawns, it's time for bed!

 What I can be initially judgy about sometimes is when I hear of someone's kid staying up until 11 or midnight!  WTF...  or that the parents just "let their kids stay up later in the summer."  I get that Summer is a more relaxed time and routines are dwindled- I like it too sometimes that way.  But I'm a person who thrives on routine so in some ways I dread Summer time in that regard. But after hearing that dialogue from other parents, my other questions is simply, "but don't you want some down time too?!"

Don't you want to finish that chapter, watch your favorite show, or relax with your husband and spend the last twenty minutes together before you're both yawning seven times and it's clearly time to get to sleep yourselves?.  If I don't get my own six or seven hours of sleep a night, I won't be a happy camper nor will I have the extra energy to be the best mom I can be to my daughter. And if I happen to get less then six hours of sleep?  You may want to hang back for awhile because it's not pretty.

 It's a huge balancing act, this parenting thing.

Everyone does what's best for them, but I say it's important to make time for yourself too. We are our first priorities.  So once my daughter is in bed around 830, I might do a few things around the house to bang them out, like the dreaded putting away the clean laundry, somewhat folded, that's been sitting on my bedroom floor since I last did the laundry, or tidying up the kitchen a bit.  I then have my nightly ritual of making my bedtime tea which I swear by to help me get sleepy and eventually doze off.

 It says it supports a good nights sleep- and they would be correct!  Except you can be up once or twice to use the bathroom a lot! Good luck!

Once that's made and I'm done doing anything else for the day, I usually watch one or two episodes of Modern Family.  I'm actually watching it again it because I loved it so much. Such a good show!  Then I swear the tea is working because about forty minutes in, I am dozing off!

So typically around 10pm, it's lights our for me.

What's bedtime look like in your house, kids or no kids?  I'm not here to judge.
Do you prefer a routine for sanity or do you enjoy pure chaos?
Do you let your kids stay up late a lot or only on rare occasions?

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