May 6, 2014

Claire's Birth Story

OK so two months later, I, on a whim, decided to share my daughter's birth story with the world.  Don't ask why, but here's some sort of reason.

The days fly by so quickly once you have a baby that it's simply sad sometimes. Sad merely because when it's 6am and you've fed her, changed her, read to her, played with her, fed her some more, burped her, and you glance at your Iphone clock and it says 12:24pm, well my dear friends, that SUCKS. All I need is some coffee and this sweet child of mine is finally becoming "milk drunk" by 1pm.  It's quite lovely I tell you. And then other days all she needed was a quick diaper change and to be fed and within the hour, she's out like a light.  Moderation is a great thing! 

With that said, I have decided to take a slight turn from this space of mine being strictly food, and to more life stuff.  I'm all about mixing things up in my daily life each and every day { try it, it really can keep you sane }, and Claire has really inspired me to start writing again. Writing about her, writing about my hubby and I, writing about a really good recipe that I made and will totally still share, and just things that come up in daily life that I simply feel the need to write about.

I also want to change up my blogs name just slightly, but that will happen when I get around to it.  I did mention I have a two month old, right?  Everyday is an adventure and the girl hasn't even begun to crawl.  :)

So without further ado, Claire's birth story.

First of all, this is a fairly long story and when people ask "how was the delivery?" I usually turn to my husband and say, "you tell the story. you always tell stories better than me."  True story. So I am totally going to try and make this short and sweet. I've actually always enjoyed reading or hearing about other people's birth stories. And more so now that I've experienced it myself and because I'm a mom.  The most incredible thing is that every single pregnancy and birth is special and different.

I was originally "due" on February 25th. My entire pregnancy really was a breeze and I'm so grateful for that. I had my moments, of course.  Mainly awful sleep certain nights, terrible leg swelling, and god awful heartburn towards the end were my only main complaints.  I went through two LARGE bottles of Tums during my pregnancy.  Well, February came and went. The entire time I felt nothing. Sure, some Braxton Hicks contractions came around from time to time but nothing was ever alarming.  

On my actual due date we had our final doctor's appointment.  Everything looked great and she mentioned induction will most likely be the case since I was 40 weeks and nothing at all was happening. I was also 1-almost 2 cm for about two weeks. They didn't want me going past March 7th and neither did I. This was when my upset/stressing/impatient side came in full force.  I was just done with being pregnant.

My doctor put in our names at the hospital for a scheduled induction for "March 3rd around 2pm".  Then she told us to call the hospital on Sunday, which was the 2nd, around 4pm to see if we could even come in for the induction that day.  Since everything seemed to be in slow motion, that was my doctors thinking...that we'd have the baby late afternoon on march 3rd.  hehehe.

My husband called the hospital at 3pm that day.  The suspense was killing him.  We were told to come in that night around 730pm.  It was such an exciting moment for us!  Even though this birth was at this point, scheduled, it still was so many different emotions at once.  We were so close to meeting our baby girl and becoming parents for the first time.  We got to the hospital right on time, I felt completely fine, laid out my magazines, my husband rocked at getting me cups of ice chips, we watched the Oscars, and I made multiple trips to the ladies room. Oh, it also snowed that night. Instead of using Pitocin, which is medication via IV to induce labor, the nurses first started with this balloon thing that they insert into you know where which is supposed to widen the cervix/ help you dilate quicker.  At this point, I was maybe almost at 3 cm dilated.  Nothing was happening for at least three hours.

My husband and I were alone in the room watching tv when suddenly, just sitting there on the bed, I felt a huge 'pop.' That balloon thing, better known as "foley catheter" { I just Googled that thank you very much} did its job!  I went from 3 cm dilated to pretty much 8 cm dilated all within that time frame. There was no need for pitocin.  I wasn't in pain yet but it slowly crept up after I went to the bathroom and the balloon part fell out. Don't worry, once it's done its job that's what is supposed to happen.

For a hot second, I freaked out and thought it was the babies head.

Thank God it was not.

This is when the night just completely flew by, for everyone.  From this point on, all I remember was that it was probably close to 11pm and I'll just say I went to the bathroom...A LOT. After each trip, the pain was more and more consistent. I knew they were contractions but oddly enough, it never dawned on me that I was in actual labor.  It's amazing when you're in the moment of something, how frazzled and dazed you can be.  I also never sweat so much in my life.  Labor will do that to ya!  But for the record, now that I've experienced labor, I just have to say, that has to be the absolute worst pain on the freakin' planet.  I can't even describe it.  Moms,  you with me?

I don't want to scare any first time moms, by the way.  Epidurals. I'll get to that in one second.  As soon as the baby comes out along with that 80 pound placenta, you will feel like a million bucks!  I don't kid. 

So, if you were wondering if I received an epidural, the answer is yes.  I received an epidural at basically 10 cm dilated.  I was completely shocked that they still administered it to me being I was completely ready to just go natural.  But apparently I was screaming my head off for the Anesthesiologist to get his ass in my room and give me one asap!! Like I said, I don't remember much. They gave it to me that late because I reallllllllllllllllllllllllly wanted it. No, no, I reallllllllllllly needed it.

I do wish I had just sucked it up and pushed naturally, but between how bad the pain was, my contractions being barely even one minute apart, and having the shakes so bad, I couldn't imagine going natural.  I don't regret getting an epidural.  I pushed for almost 45 minutes, I still have no clue how I pushed her out. But I did, somehow, and on March 3rd, at 1:49am, Claire Madeline Stonerock came into the world.

I won't go into much detail about her actual arrival but the girl had it rough for a few days.  Some of the issues were that the umbilical cord was short, { which apparently is not uncommon. weird }, she swallowed some poo when she came out, therefore, had difficulty breathing at first, and she had to go straight to the special care nursery to be treated for tons of antibiotics and to treat some jaundice she had.  The most upsetting part for me was that I couldn't hold her in my arms because she had to be rushed to the nursery.  I remember looking up as soon as she arrived, and saw her plopped on me for a hot second until they whisked her off for care.  But I also remember chuckling when I saw her head because she had tons of dark hair!  For me, awful heartburn really did mean lots of hair!  "Thank God" I remember saying to my husband.

My husband was amazing during the entire experience, as were all of the doctors and nurses.  After four days of Claire being held in the special care nursery, we were finally able to bring her home with us.  And it's been amazing ever since.  

So, when people ask "how was the delivery", one of us usually begins with " a whirlwind!"

And she's already two months old...

I told you, time flies.

Professional photos done by  Nicole Lauren Photography


  1. Carol Cannizzaaro5/07/2014 10:14 PM

    Just love your birth story Dana. Each story is as unique as the baby. Claire is just so beautiful...thanks for sharing! xox

    1. Thank you so much Carol! and thanks for reading!! xo

  2. I absolutely love reading birth stories too...they are frightening but exciting to me at the same time :) What a great story and I bet it's fun to have it written down so you can go back and read it!